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Arlington, Va., July 20, 2021 – Companies and individuals entrust FON Valuation Advisory with their unique needs throughout the transaction continuum. The experience of our professionals means that we are able to offer our clients bespoke solutions based on proven techniques and deep industry knowledge. We believe that our ability to work with our clients on all forms of transactions worldwide sets us apart from our peers.

Client Profile 
Our client (“Client”) is a publicly listed, multinational company providing critical components for IoT (Internet of Things) intelligence.

Establish an overseas subsidiary in a new key market (“NewCo”) vis-à-vis execution of a global tax strategy that involves multiple countries and the need to manage foreign currency exposure.

Our Role
During Phase I of the engagement, the FON Valuation Advisory team valued intercompany loans with an aggregate fair market value in excess of $500 million. The valuation process involved the estimation of the appropriate current market rates to apply to each tranche of the intercompany loans. Our views on current market rates were informed by synthetic credit ratings the valuation team developed through rigorous company and financial analysis, and then benchmarked against yields on publicly-traded debt issuances of companies from comparable industries with similar terms and features. The loans are held by a subsidiary of the Client (originally issued in connection with an acquisition of a NASDAQ-listed entity) and subsequently reassigned to Newco, as in-kind capital contribution.

Phase II of the engagement involved the determination of a foreign exchange hedging strategy to manage NewCo’s exposure to foreign exchange currency fluctuations of future periodic interest payments and principal repayments. In collaboration with the Client and its advisors, our team assisted in the establishment of a foreign exchange hedging strategy that involves four countries on both sides of the Atlantic and features zero cost collars using corresponding foreign exchange option contracts. (A zero cost collar is a form of options strategy designed to protect existing long positions with little or no cost since the premium paid for the protective puts is offset by the premiums received for writing the covered calls.) Our team also assisted in the determination of the arm’s-length settlement payments and required margin levels of the hedge counterparties.

The Client successfully executed the series of transactions to meet its stated objectives. The analyses prepared by the FON Valuation Advisory team were reviewed and accepted by NewCo’s statutory audit firm.

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Bespoke Cross-border Solutions By FON Valuation Advisory