FON Global Alliance Conference brings together practitioners from around the world

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Arlington, Va., July 15, 2021 – On July 7th & 8th, 2021, nearly 30 valued partners and colleagues gathered at the inaugural FON Global Alliance Conference. Participants explored ways that member firms can better address and support clients’ needs in their respective markets and around the globe. The event was sponsored by FON Advisors, LLC and featured speakers representing 18 member firms from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and South America.

“We’re very impressed and pleased with the presentations, how many Alliance colleagues joined over the two days, and the follow-up questions and responses to the presentations. The enthusiasm and energy was apparent throughout all sessions on both days.” – noted Raymond Moran, Managing Director of FON Valuation Advisory and co-host of the event.

Jouky Chang, Managing Director and Practice Leader of FON Valuation Advisory and co-host said, “What an exciting moment to be a part of the FON Global Alliance. The number of take-aways and opportunities identified for better and closer collaboration amongst member firms will be a driving force for our trusted business partners going forward.”

This multi-day event is demonstrative of the scope and scale of the FON Global Alliance, providing a platform for participants to: explore collaborative opportunities in corporate finance, management and strategic consulting, tax advisory, and valuation services; exchange marketing ideas and content; share market intelligence and emerging trends across industries, geographies, and competitors; and deliberate over technical issues and resources available to Alliance members. Planning for the next series of meetings and other initiatives are well underway.

Contact Information:
Jouky Chang
Managing Director and Practice Leader
FON Valuation Advisory
Phone: 571-842-1800
Mobile: 248-722-5266

Raymond Moran
Managing Director
FON Valuation Advisory
Phone: 571-842-1799
Mobile: 856-313-1843

ABOUT US: FON Advisors, LLC is a financial advisory firm dedicated to investment banking, valuation advisory, management consulting, and principal investing across the aerospace, defense, and government services industries. As current and former members of regulatory and standard-setting organizations, FON Valuation Advisory provides services informed by decades of experience. FON Global Alliance supports domestic and cross-border transactions through its network of 25 affiliated companies located throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

FON Global Alliance Conference brings together practitioners from around the world