Research and Development Ignites Revolutionary Innovations

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and new challenges surface in response to these changes. FON Labs helps solve these challenges as efficiently as possible and enable our clients thrive. We research, develop, and integrate emerging technologies into existing programs used in business and government. FON Labs today is innovating new ideas for the future.

We believe in creating and supporting meaningful innovations. FON Labs approaches innovation in a holistic and multidisciplinary manner by bringing together government, academia, industry, scientists, technologists, and financial experts to shape bold ideas into sustainable business solutions. Our expertise in emerging technologies in machine intelligence, quantum AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and rapid application development enables us to deliver high quality and highly secure solutions for our clients.


Create greater impact through meaningful collaboration!

  • FON Advisors hosts a monthly Industry-Government Collaboration Forum to foster open, robust, and transparent government-industry collaboration to identify and supply innovative technology solutions and products to government.
  • Technology is changing rapidly, and stronger collaboration between government and industry is essential to address emerging challenges effectively. FON Advisors helps align advancements in industry with government needs and priorities by bringing together senior leaders from government and industry to address today’s emerging technology challenges.
  • Gain perspectives from industry insiders on the government contracting trends, including the Federal spending outlook, key demand drivers, and growth opportunities.




About Us

We are proud to serve as a trusted advisor to government agencies, corporations, and investors. We help clients stay at the forefront of innovation so they can achieve their strategic goals. We work with mission driven organizations, helping businesses and government agencies operate and procure more effectively. We have decades of experience creating non-traditional approaches to government procurement that drive sustainable solutions for mission critical requirements. We excel at helping clients clearly articulate their portfolio of innovations to create new markets for their technology, optimizing existing products to broaden current revenue opportunities, and providing timely information to focus strategic capital deployment.

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